Become top-leading group in Vietnam, in which supplies and inspires to connect opportunities in forefront of applying the technology achievements.


We are proud to contribute to the success of our customers through the provision of high-tech products, new integrated technology solutions and full services

Core value


We always desire to have a better life by promoting and applying new technologies.


We always effort, persistence, without respite in learning, innovation, creativity and the forefront of all activities.


We always complete the works professionally, have the high responsibilities and keep the commitments.


We always trust, respect, cooperation and collaboration with our colleagues, by sharing our knowledge and skills, supporting ourselves to complete the task and career development.


We always link the development of ITD Group to the success and satisfaction of our partners, shareholders and the success of each member in ITD Group

Core Compentencies

The completion of the mission depends on the capacity of the entire system as well as the capacity of employees, the following core competencies will be a priority

Development of integrated solutions

The capacity to grasp the development trend of the technology and in-depth knowledge of many technical areas, from which proposed and successfully implemented complex solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers

Project management

The Capacity to build and develop flexible project teams that working groups unite, coordinate closely with suppliers to implement the project on schedule, quality assurance commitments and within budget.

Coordination and cooperation

The capacity to share and exchange information and promote coordination, cooperate closely and smoothly between employees, departments and subsidiaries.

Market Access and compete

 The capacity to positive and actively create  oriented innovative business-; active in marketing activities in order to quickly bring new solutions and advanced technical applications to the market, towards difference and superior results compared with the competition.

Innovation and creativity

The capacity to create favorable conditions and encouraging all members are always learning, innovation and propose ideas, recommendations and new proposals for production and business activities.