Integrated Electrical Systems

After 25 years of strong development, the EC&I field is affirmed to be the pride of ITD with its reputation in consulting, designing, manufacturing equipment and providing solutions in the fields of lightning protection, green energy, integrated solutions for data center systems, investment in telecommunications infrastructure and other types of infrastructure as well as providing high quality warranty and maintenance services.

With a team of enthusiastic and highly qualified employees, a dynamic and professional organizational structure, and a healthy financial source, we are always highly trusted by customers and partners at home and abroad. Our customers are spread all over the country in key fields such as: telecommunication, broadcasting, banking, oil and gas, aviation, electricity, industry and construction...

Wishing to contribute to the success of our customers, we always persistently invest in research to provide breakthrough technology solutions, launch new business areas and provide professional services towards customer satisfaction, with the motto:

“All for the trust of customers”

Điện kỹ thuật và công nghiệp

Main solutions

  • Consulting and designing Infrastructure solutions for data centers and ICT networks (IDC-ICT)
  • Lightning and Surge Portection (LSP) solution
  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
  • Base Transceiver Station
  • AC/DC, DC/AC, Accu Converters
  • Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Solar roftop & Solar farm



Typical customers