Total Integrated Automation

ITD Automation - proudly leads in application of total solutions, integrating electrical, automatic systems and latest technology of controlling such as SCADA, DCS, SAFETY SYSTEM, BATCH CONTROL, PLC … for industrial sectors.

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Main solutions

Types and features of control, measuring and dynamic devices will be flexibly combined depending on the production technology of each specific industry. ITD has always mastered technology knowledge and deployed solutions in the following application groups:
  • Consulting and supplying of industrial control solution and control station network;
  • Designing and installing of E&I (Electrical & Instrumentation) system; Water/ Waste Water & Environment Monitoring;
  • Supplying maintenance service for PLCs to ensure their continuous operation; and manpower training courses to factories, enterprises.
  • Supplying of electrical - automation; Inverter - Motor; Instrumentation parts; and Automation monitoring.
  • Consulting, Designing, Programming, Installing and maintaining of integrated electrical - automatic systems, for industrial sectors:
    • Food & Beverage
    • Oil & Gas - Chemical
    • Water & Waste Water
    • Electricity & Energy
    • And other industries...



Typical customers