Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are the combination of advanced technology and transport infrastructure to manage and operate the transportation system efficiently, road safety, reducing travel time and cost, environmental protection...

ITS objectives:

  1. Management transport infrastructure efficiency
    • ​Khai thác tối ưu hạ tầng giao thông hiện tại.
    • Reduce traffic congestion, saving travel costs, create favorable conditions for travel and freight.
    • Quick provide accurate traffic information.
    • Transportation infrastructure management.
  2. Enhance capacity management
    • Integration, information sharing between departments.
    • Coordinate departments in handling traffic incidents.
    • Provide information for making policy.
  3. Ensuring traffic safety
    • Reduce traffic accidents.
    • Develop a traffic safety culture.
  4. Sustainable environment
    • Develop public transport, reducing personal vehicles.
    • Reduce emissions.
    • Minimize noise.
  5. Construction of modern transport infrastructure
    • Serve economic and social development.
    • Improve competitiveness.
    • Building a modern civilized city.
Giao thông thông minh

Main solutions

  • Toll Collection:
    • Manual Toll Collection
    • Electronic Toll Collection.
    • Closed System.
    • Automatic Fare Collection Parking.
    • Automatic Fare Collection Parking by mobile devices.
  • Bus Rapid Transit.
  • Control Vehicle Weight Solution.
  • Speed Enforcement System.
  • LED Panel Solution.
  • Traffic Flow Monitoring.
  • Red-Light Enforcement System.



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