ITD introduction

ITD Group, formerly CATIC center, established in 1994 by the group of scientists with the ambition to actively contribute to Vietnam industrialization & modernization. During operation, the Group ITD always are the pioneers of capture, introduction, provision the lastest equipments, high-tech services, integrated solutions and technology turnkey, to become one of the TRUSTED enterprises that can have not only diversified, but also specialized activities.

Over 20 years of operations and developments, ITD has become a prestigious group, with the center of  Tien Phong Corporation and 6 subsidiaries, that have the intensive operations in high technologies, including: smart communications, informations - telecommunications, electricity - automation, electrical engineering infrastructure... ITD Group has Vietnam-wide business, with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, representative offices in Hanoi and Danang cities.

In order to contribute to the success of customers and partners, ITD Group persistently invest to research and provide the total solutions, professional services  with the 1st priority of customer satisfaction. With the group of high-educated members, proactive-professional organization, and strong financial resources, ITD Group always get the trust of domestic and foreign enterprises.

With the strategy of high-tech investments, new solution developments, and business expansions basing on the existing strengths, partnerships of the prestigious enterprises, the business of ITD Group are increasing time by time.